Miami Diet Delivery

Miami Diet Delivery

Receiving healthy meals prepared and delivered to you in Miami has never been so easy. Miami diet delivery makes losing weight taste amazing. Order today and receive free delivery with Miami’s best tasting diet plan! Primal Organic paleo diet delivery

Order Miami Diet Delivery

  1. Simple and easy healthy paleo diet solution
  2. Customized paleo plan depending on personal goals, and activity level
  3. New Menus and primal diet plan every week
  4. Great tasting and diabetic safe

Simple and easy healthy paleo diet solution

Customized plans depending on goals, and activity level

New menus every week

Great tasting and diabetic safe

1. Select your Miami diet delivery plan
Choose an entire week or month of delicious gluten-free , chef-prepared weight loss meals.

2. Order your meal plan
Order and manage your weekly deliveries online or by phone. It is simple, easy and very convenient.

3. Miami gluten-free meals are delivered to your doorstep
Future menu weeks, tailored to your needs and tastes, will be delivered to your door.

4. Enjoy Miami diet delivery and watch the weight drop!

When people in Miami say “Paleo” what are the talking about?

The words “Paleo” is an abbreviated form of the word paleolithic, denoting the Paleolithic Era of human evolution. That is also why you hear paleo called the caveman diet. We are current in the Neolithic era which began at the invention agriculture revolution.

Q: Who cares about the Paleolithic Era? Why are we talking about 15,000 years ago.

Human’s evolved during Paleolithic Era. Humans ate the same thing for millions of years! Then suddenly stopped eating this way when we learned about farming.

What foods did the agricultural revolution introduce?

Wheat, rice, barley, beans, peanuts, and dairy. Before farming human did not eat these foods.

This leads us to central belief of the paleo diet which is that we” the human species never evolved to eat wheat, rice, barley, beans, peanuts, and dairy.